About School

APS is a place where children are encouraged to say,” I see it , I get it, I can do it .”Our Goal at APS is to provide an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that will prepare student for success  .We believe that Students ,parents and Teachers all Play a vital Role in helping students reach their greatest potential. APS is one such garden which provide a shade to all the blooming buds to blossom into beautiful flowers who will later spread there fragrance ,all around the world . Moreover it is the one and foremost dream of APS family to make this school one of the best school of the area.

”Fill the brain with high thoughts highest ideals, place them day and night before you and out of that, will come great work”…..

Swami Vivekananda….

At “ALPINE PUBLIC SCHOOL” we fulfilled our commitment by empowering portals with courage of conviction and strength of character  to tide over the trains and tribulations of life .Our students have been taught to strike to right balance between advancement of technology and moral principles of life. In the last 9 years school has shown tremendous progress . I dedicate this success to the hardwork and undying support of  APS family.

NAME :Tanu

CLASS :Non-Medical


NAME :Mohit Joshi

CLASS :Non-Medical


NAME :Himanshi

CLASS :Medical


NAME :Harsh

CLASS :Medical